Selling Season Kicks A Goal

Selling Season Kicks A Goal
13-07-2016 |

Now that the federal election is behind us, the property market will jump into action again. National elections traditionally have a slowing effect on markets and shopping patterns as buyers become more cautious, so the end of campaigning and a clear result paves the way for the market to catch up on lost opportunities. We believe the next few months will provide an exceptional period to sell your property.

Surprisingly for some, the winter period is one of the better times of the year to sell your property and maximise your sale price!

Less properties on the market means less competition for you when selling. Now that the election is behind us and buyers are back in force, this year will be even more strategic as currently there is a severe shortage of properties on offer which we believe will provide an exceptional opportunity to sell.

Right now is a great time to have an update on the value of your property. Call us today for a no obligation, accurate market appraisal. You may well be pleasantly surprised!


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